AeriumX is a community governance, privacy focused coin that attempts to restore Satoshi’s vision of a true, decentralized digital currency. AeriumX utilizes technologies such as Masternodes, Proof Of Stake.




Instant Transactions



Lightning Fast Transactions

Masternodes Secure The Network

Zerocoin Protocol

AeriumX utilizes Instantpay technology that allows point-of-sale transactions all whilst maintaining security between the sender and receiver.

These are incentivized nodes that receive rewards as they provide network security and other services to the AeriumX Network. Running a masternode requires locking in 10000 AEX in for collateral.

AeriumX has implemented the Zerocoin protocol. The Zerocoin protocol provides complete privacy for the users of AEX. This is disabled by default until there are enough accumulator transactions.






Name: AeriumX

Ticker: AEX

Type: PoW | PoS | Masternodes

Swap Ratio: 121:1

Algorithm: Aergo

Block Time: 60 sec

Total Supply: No total supply

Premine: 61,800 + Swap Supply

Block Maturity: 60 Blocks

MN requirement: 10000 AEX

PoW ends: Ended

Pure PoS starts: Started





MasternodesUsing Masternodes for protecting the integrity and efficiency of the network.






Zerocoin ProtocolZerocoin Protocol will be implemented to facilitate private transactions on the Aerium blockchain.






Lightning Fast Transactions60 second block time making for fast transactions





Community DrivenEmpowers the community by allowing any AEX holder to propose ideas for the project.






Low SupplyAeriumX will have a very low supply. About 1.5M will initially be distributed with an annual emission rate of approximately 5M






Proof of WorkCreation of value trough PoW with new hashing algorithm called Aergo.




Energy Efficient Transfer of Value